The Dosey Kit

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Create a beautiful daily pill routine + missing a dose will be a thing of the past. Plan you pills in the Easy Slide Pill Pouches, keep them organized & cute in the Pill Case, add daily pouches to the Wellness Wallet, pop the Wellness Wallet in the Wellness Bag for on-the-go! Kit includes the Daily Sticker Set.
What's Included?

Pill Case

Wellness Wallet®

7 x Easy Slide Pill Pouches

Wellness Bag

Daily Sticker Set

How Many Pills Fit?

The Pill Case is designed to fit up-to 14 x Easy Slides and the Wellness Wallet fits approx 4 x Easy Slides. Each Easy Slide fits approx 30 pills (depending on the pill size).

Storage & Travel


Dosey® is designed to protect pills from light and moisture. For optimal effect and quality, vitamins should be stored in a cool and dry place.

Always read the instructions for medication and vitamin storage.


TSA does not require passengers to have medications in prescription bottles, but states have individual laws regarding the labeling of prescription medication with which passengers need to comply.

What's Included?
How Many Pills Fit?
Storage & Travel

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Cruelty Free & Reusable

Customer Reviews

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Debbie T (Brisbane, AU)
Love the Dosey ❤️

I have been looking for something to fit my medications and vitamins in and have not found anything suitable until now I love that is is compact for travelling and yet can fit everything in with ease. Thank you 😃

Belinda Spelta (Perth, AU)

Have been on the look out for something until come across the Disney. Stylish space saver with excellent quality!

Barb B (Tamborine Mountain, AU)
The Dosey Kit Sage

I purchased the Dosey Kit and Flask.
I love them. I originally purchased them to use when travelling but I can definitely see I’ll be using them much more more than that.
I had to contact customer service about a query I had and found them to be very helpful and prompt.
I was also very happy with delivery time.

Julie R (Melbourne, AU)
Ready and waiting

This is a game changer for me I pack them with all the medication I have and don’t have to worry about it for ages They are packed in easy to access pouches I can take at home or through in my back to have on the go The Pill case is cut sitting on the dresser and holds so many pouches I try to do two weeks at a time and there is still room to add more if I wanted to Love them!!!

Helen Bebbington (Melbourne, AU)

Daily Kit

Pamela Rightmyer (Orlando, US)
Perfect gift!

I bought for a friend rather than myself so I can only say that she was thrilled to receive the kit and very impressed with the quality.

Staci (Irmo, US)
The cutest medicine boxes ever

I absolutely love this so much I had to order the set. I have one of the zippered ones for travel and I love it so much I had to order the box and another because you know…. Options!!!!

Pamela Benson
Game changing!

Toss the ugly pill containers away and upgrade to these very convenient and chic pill pouch kits! I love mine and recommend it to anyone on the go! Very sturdy, great color choices. It’s about time taking pills/vitamins make your feel good on the outside too!

S. (Valencia, US)

Love it!