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Pill Pouch Pack
Lucille Nasta (Woburn, US)

I absolutely love my purchases I like the simplicity of pill carriers that are inconspicuous. I feel they are very well organized and I made this purchase because I’m going to be traveling for two weeks and this is perfect just what I’ve been trying to find and I finally hit the jackpot. Thank you thank you thank you

The Flask
Rachel (Melbourne, AU)

Perfect for on the go! Great size and has a beautiful soft outside. Would buy again.

Pill Case
Rachel (Melbourne, AU)
Love !

matches my pill organiser perfectly! Perfect size, only downside I thought the inserts could be removed, but they can’t.

7-Day Pill Purse + Pill Pouches
Briana Scott (High Point, US)

7-Day Pill Purse + Pill Pouches

7-Day Pill Purse + Pill Pouches
Emma (Brisbane, AU)

Love having a sustainable and stylish way to keep daily tablets. So happy with my purchase!

7-Day Pill Purse + Pill Pouches
Charmaine (Melbourne, AU)
7 day pill purse

I purchased one of these for both myself & my Mum. We’ve both had WLS and take daily vitamins & medication. I have been using the basic plastic organiser for 5 years & was blown away to learn about these purses. They’re so much more practical to throw in your bag, and so much less clunky & noisy when you’re on the move. Highly recommend.

7-Day Pill Purse + Pill Pouches
Lilith (Melbourne, AU)
Awesome organiser

This pill purse is such a great size, each pouch has plenty of room for multiple tablets and the zippered pocket is perfect to hold medications that need to stay in their blister packs.

AM PM ~ 14-Day Pill Purse + Pill Pouches
Julia Hyldahl (Jersey City, US)
Love it!

I love the pill purse and pill pouches! Every Sunday night I fill it up with my morning and evening medication and I am set for the week! It helps me make sure to not forget and makes taking my medication so much more convenient and consistent!

New travel pill pack

I’m super excited to used it ! I love how slim a light it is and it keeps everything so organized

AM PM ~ 14-Day Pill Purse + Pill Pouches
Cherie Bentham (Sydney, AU)
Am Pm pack

I love these great quality items but am upset that the green colour which I bought was not offered in a set (I even sent a message and asked) but after I had received my order it was then offered as a set on the website. I am still very happy with the products.

7 day pill purse

I already have the AM PM purse which I love and decided to get the 7 day one to store my diabetic needs and whatever meds I need to take out with me and it has been great

I love this!

This version is so great for my handbag. I got sticky labels of my meds and added them to each of the seven pockets and now I have this and my new flask, all ready to go at any time. It’s perfect ( and it dosent make me feel like an old person like the packs from the chemist do)

The Flask
K. (Melbourne, AU)
You have to get this flask!

I love, love, love this flask - I have the week supply Dosey and the new wallet too….I can’t get enough of these products. The flask is a perfect handbag size and still big enough to take all of my daily tablets.


I have been eyeing these pill purses for a while now and love mine so much! Only feedback I have is that the magnets could be a little stronger and it would be great if the zip pocket could be extended further (rather than stopping halfway) Super happy with mine either way and I recommend to anyone that's looking for a more stylish, discreet and easy way to store your pills/vitamins!

Perfect for my handbag!

Needing to take daily medication, once I’ve arrived at work, I was super excited to see the new Wellness Wallet. I purchased it late Tuesday night and it arrived Thursday afternoon, in time for me to take overseas. The wallet is beautiful and the perfect size to slip into my handbag. A great product backed with excellent customer service. Thank you!

7-Day Pill Purse + Pill Pouches
Lucy H (Melbourne, AU)
Dont Forget your Pills ever again

Love the fact I can keep track of what pills I have taken for the day.
This wallet looks so nice and being so soft can fit easily in my bag.

Easy travelling

I love my Dosey 14 day pill purse, it makes travelling so much easier for that weekend away, work conference or holiday. It’s compact, quick & easy to use 💖

AM PM ~ 14-Day Pill Purse + Pill Pouches
Ursula Hammerschmidt (Melbourne, AU)
Just amazing

I bought this for my elderly mother and she just lives it. Great quality, practical and very easy to use. The fact that it's so stylish is an added bonus. She takes it everywhere and has shown it off to her Golden Oldie friends who were so I'm impessed they ordered one for themselves. 4.8 stars from me.... 5 stars would be given if there was an identity tag component to it.... somehow sown into the bag. Otherwise just perfect for anyone who has to take a variety of medications.

Tania Martini (Melbourne, AU)
Organized and love it

I have now purchased 4 sets of these, one in each colour so I have a month of tablets done, and I don’t feel as much like my old grandmother with a pill box, it’s so much nicer to pull out a cute purse /wallet with tablets, I love Dosey, thanks so much:)

AM PM ~ 14-Day Pill Purse + Pill Pouches
Tara G (Laguna Hills, US)
So helpful!

Love the Dosey! Took it overseas for our 2 week holiday and it’s so easy and helpful to keep me on track with my supplements

7-Day Pill Purse + Pill Pouches
Amelia (Sydney, AU)
Great for short trips & holidays

Amazing for short trips away but the bags make it a little annoying to use for daily life use, it’s a bit difficult to get the pills out of the bags and when compared to a packet or bottle that just slips them out (laziness tends to win)

All in all beautiful quality and once the bags are thought through a little more I deff would use it daily!

7-Day Pill Purse + Pill Pouches
Megan A. (Brisbane, AU)
Life changing

I take multiple medications each day and hated the idea of the typical pill box, I keep my extra sheets of medication in the zipped compartment and it all fits quite well and the fact I can easily pack it with me when I need and I know everything is in there is even better

7-Day Pill Purse + Pill Pouches
Lisa W (Sydney, AU)
Great for a long weekend away

This is the perfect size for a long weekend or short trip away. Enough to cover each day and can also pack some extra vitamins or other ‘just in case’ medications. Love the sage green colour.

AM PM ~ 14-Day Pill Purse + Pill Pouches
Cecille lipsett (Philadelphia, US)

Didn’t receive it

Gorgeous & practical!

I love this pill wallet!! I haven’t missed a dose of medication yet and I can go back and check if I’ve taken them if I forget haha. Gorgeous feel and look, my only issue is that getting the little pouches in and out of the slots is a bit fiddly, but that’s probably just me!