• 7-Day Pill Purse
  • 7-Day Pill Purse
  • 7-Day Pill Purse
  • 7-Day Pill Purse
  • 7-Day Pill Purse
  • 7-Day Pill Purse
  • 7-Day Pill Purse
  • 7-Day Pill Purse
  • 7-Day Pill Purse
  • 7-Day Pill Purse
  • 7-Day Pill Purse
  • 7-Day Pill Purse
  • 7-Day Pill Purse
  • 7-Day Pill Purse
  • 7-Day Pill Purse
  • 7-Day Pill Purse

7-Day Pill Purse

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The 7-Day Pill Purse is a new look pill box, perfectly sized to organize a weekly pill supply. Each Pill Pouch holds up-to 15 pills and the zip pocket fits your keys, phone and other health essentials!

7 x Pill Pouches Included.

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  • Designed in Australia


➕ Vegan leather

➕ Seven pouch loops (Monday to Friday)

➕ Seven soft touch EVA (BPA free) pouches (holds up-to 15 pills each, depending on pill size)

➕ External zipper pocket for small stuff like lip gloss, tampons & pain killers etc

➕ Updated easy slide black metal zip

➕ Magnet closure

➕ 22.5cm x 11 cm (fits an epi pen)

➕ Comes in a Dosey drawstring bag


Dosey™ is designed to protect pills from light and moisture. Folding the Pill Purse helps keep the light out, and the pill pouches prevent air exposure.

For optimal effect and quality, vitamins should be stored in a cool and dry place.

Read the storage instructions for medications and vitamins. Blister pack pills may be cut out for organising.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 172 reviews
Den G. (Adelaide, AU)
Brilliant item!!

I bought this for use at home.
At the moment I am on holidays for 4 weeks, it’s great not having to sort medication every day. Best Buy yet!!

G. (Carmichael, US)

I absolutely love my Dosey pill clutch. I have to take morning and nighttime medications and I have to take one of my medications as soon as I wake up, so I’m always still disoriented and confused. Standard pill boxes have the Am and Pm in the same piece so occasionally I would accidentally take my Pm medicine instead of my Am. With Dosey I don’t need to worry about accidentally taking my PM’s I pull out my morning medicine pouch and set it on my bedside table. I feel so much better knowing I will take the correct pills. It does take a little longer to fill but if your willing to take the extra time I think it is more than worth it. As a bonus it is super cute and will be so easy to set up to use for travel. I couldn’t recommend this more.

Heather Allport (Sydney, AU)

I love this product! So convenient when I need to be able to throw it in my handbag/ work Bag and go 😊❤️

Jacqueline Ingram (Sydney, AU)
Pills made stylish

Absolutely love this product as a young person it makes me feel so much better about having to take medication with me

Belinda Longbottom (Sydney, AU)

I love this product I am filling it today for the first time ❤️Thank you

Chloe (Melbourne, AU)
A stunning essential I cannot live without!!

This pill pouch takes the habit of taking daily medicine to a whole new level.
It is high quality, functional, aesthetically pleasing and takes away from that clinical, chore like feeling of taking the medicine.
Each morning I really enjoy getting out my soft little pouch- which is so transportable!! This looks like an accessory and could be taken anywhere without people knowing it holds medication. I love the zip to store prescriptions.. just love love love!!

Lisa W (Sydney, AU)
Medication made easy!

This is so much better than those plastic compartment trays, the pouches have more than enough room for all your medication and/or herbal supplements. To be able to pack this for a week away without taking up too much room is also a great feature. Such a simple idea but makes such a difference. Love it.

Dani D (Bothell, US)
Just what I was looking for

I was pretty disappointed when I found out I would need to take multiple medications at different times of day. I looked at hundreds of drug store plastic designs and just felt more frustrated that I had be buying this type of thing.
I came across these and figured it was the lesser of bad options.
I was pleasantly surprised. It feels like a part of my belongings and fits right in my aesthetic. I don't feel weird or embarrassed to toss it in my bag or have it on the counter. No worries if someone sees it because it's just a cute bag. 10/10 on this piece. I also really like how there is the zipper pocket. I put the little bags inside it once I've taken the meds.
The magnet closure is such a nice touch. Keeps it minimal.

-The little baggies can be a tad tedious to open and close and get the pills out of (would be a problem if you don't have feeling at the tips of fingers or shaky hands)
-Maybe unique to me but one of the things I take is fish oil and somehow it like leached the fish oil flavor into the little bag. Maybe the capsule was broken? Anyway it happened to 3 of the little bags and so I had to throw those away because they are too small to clean and like absorbed the oil.
- I have to take meds at 4 different times of day, so I have multiple sets of the product. But still works.

I don't mean to be so lengthy, just had a hard time picking for myself and want to give the inside scoop to anyone considering it.

I definitely recommend it. I've already come back and ordered a second one. It can be frustrating and upsetting to be on medications but this makes it a little more bearable.
Fast delivery and nice packaging.

Ursula-Jean Walker

Love! No more forgetting