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The AM Noon PM includes all the essentials for pills taken three times per day, so you never miss a dose again. The pack includes:

  • AM PM ~ 14-Day Pill Purse
  • 7-Day Pill Purse

Use the AM PM ~ 14-Day Pill Purse for your AM PM pills and take the 7-Day Pill Purse with you for a lunch time dose.

21 x Pill Pouches Included.

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  • Designed in Australia

Customer Reviews

Based on 172 reviews
Den G. (Adelaide, AU)
Brilliant item!!

I bought this for use at home.
At the moment I am on holidays for 4 weeks, it’s great not having to sort medication every day. Best Buy yet!!

G. (Carmichael, US)

I absolutely love my Dosey pill clutch. I have to take morning and nighttime medications and I have to take one of my medications as soon as I wake up, so I’m always still disoriented and confused. Standard pill boxes have the Am and Pm in the same piece so occasionally I would accidentally take my Pm medicine instead of my Am. With Dosey I don’t need to worry about accidentally taking my PM’s I pull out my morning medicine pouch and set it on my bedside table. I feel so much better knowing I will take the correct pills. It does take a little longer to fill but if your willing to take the extra time I think it is more than worth it. As a bonus it is super cute and will be so easy to set up to use for travel. I couldn’t recommend this more.

Heather Allport (Sydney, AU)

I love this product! So convenient when I need to be able to throw it in my handbag/ work Bag and go 😊❤️

Jacqueline Ingram (Sydney, AU)
Pills made stylish

Absolutely love this product as a young person it makes me feel so much better about having to take medication with me

Belinda Longbottom (Sydney, AU)

I love this product I am filling it today for the first time ❤️Thank you

Chloe (Melbourne, AU)
A stunning essential I cannot live without!!

This pill pouch takes the habit of taking daily medicine to a whole new level.
It is high quality, functional, aesthetically pleasing and takes away from that clinical, chore like feeling of taking the medicine.
Each morning I really enjoy getting out my soft little pouch- which is so transportable!! This looks like an accessory and could be taken anywhere without people knowing it holds medication. I love the zip to store prescriptions.. just love love love!!

Lisa W (Sydney, AU)
Medication made easy!

This is so much better than those plastic compartment trays, the pouches have more than enough room for all your medication and/or herbal supplements. To be able to pack this for a week away without taking up too much room is also a great feature. Such a simple idea but makes such a difference. Love it.

Dani D (Bothell, US)
Just what I was looking for

I was pretty disappointed when I found out I would need to take multiple medications at different times of day. I looked at hundreds of drug store plastic designs and just felt more frustrated that I had be buying this type of thing.
I came across these and figured it was the lesser of bad options.
I was pleasantly surprised. It feels like a part of my belongings and fits right in my aesthetic. I don't feel weird or embarrassed to toss it in my bag or have it on the counter. No worries if someone sees it because it's just a cute bag. 10/10 on this piece. I also really like how there is the zipper pocket. I put the little bags inside it once I've taken the meds.
The magnet closure is such a nice touch. Keeps it minimal.

-The little baggies can be a tad tedious to open and close and get the pills out of (would be a problem if you don't have feeling at the tips of fingers or shaky hands)
-Maybe unique to me but one of the things I take is fish oil and somehow it like leached the fish oil flavor into the little bag. Maybe the capsule was broken? Anyway it happened to 3 of the little bags and so I had to throw those away because they are too small to clean and like absorbed the oil.
- I have to take meds at 4 different times of day, so I have multiple sets of the product. But still works.

I don't mean to be so lengthy, just had a hard time picking for myself and want to give the inside scoop to anyone considering it.

I definitely recommend it. I've already come back and ordered a second one. It can be frustrating and upsetting to be on medications but this makes it a little more bearable.
Fast delivery and nice packaging.

Ursula-Jean Walker

Love! No more forgetting